Team Performance

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This page collects observations, interpretations, and consequences for action about Team Performance in COVID19 Response. Please observe the structure of the page, when you add your content. Please use references where possible. Remember to find the relevant page. For example, if your observation is about transmission routes, please use that page, instead of posting your content here.

What is already known

  • Team performance (both under pressure and sustained) is an important aspect of an emergency response.
  • double tasking (minimum of two people who share the same task and knowledge) is imperative for response-continuity.
  • Teams need to take time to look each other in the eye and focus on operational knowledge (how do we do our work, in response to Covid-19) and also how do we continue to work as an effective team over a prolonged period of time.

Team health


  • Team members of response teams (health care, public health, community response) get sick too.

Analysis and interpretation

  • Response teams with a critical role in the containment, mitigation or management of the COVID19 crisis become less effective or drop out completely if business continuity is not ensured.

Consequences for action

  • think ahead as team members will become ill and be replaced by other staff.
  • Make sure that teams keep an effective and up-to-date log, so that others can find their way in once they become new team members.