De-escalating the pandemic response

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This page collects observations, interpretations, and consequences for action about De-escalating the pandemic response to SARS-CoV2. Please observe the structure of the page, when you add your content. Please use references where possible. Remember to find the relevant page. For example, if your observation is about Sources, please use that page, instead of posting your content here.

What is already known

(to be investigated....)

Topic 1


  • Public Health Staff at National Levels receive questions about when the pandemic response will be scaled down again (de-escalated)
  • There are no clear instructions, besides to wait for advice from WHO and ECDC

Analysis and interpretation

  • It would be helpful to be more informed about the rationale and criteria for de-escalation
  • Uncertainty about the timelines may undermine the compliance to interventions

Consequences for action

  • Check if anything has been published already by WHO or ECDC on this matter
  • Translate existing guidelines into simple messages that everyone can understand.