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This page collects observations, interpretations, and consequences for action about Communication around SARS-CoV2. Please observe the structure of the page, when you add your content. Please use references where possible. Remember to find the relevant page. For example, if your observation is about transmission routes, please use that page, instead of posting your content here.

What is already known

Examples of Podcasts and other public communication


The Daily by The New York Times

The Coronavirus Daily (Podcast Channel dedicated to COVID19)

CNN Coronavirus Podcast Series

Coronavirus Daily Briefing (Podcast Series)

JAMA Network

Don’t Touch Your Face- Daily podcast covering all aspects of the COVID-19 coronavirus

  • The Price We Pay (APRIL 13, 2020:On this week’s podcast: The coronavirus cure is still better than the disease.)
  • Israel (APRIL 6, 2020:On today’s podcast: The ultra-Orthodox challenge to Israel’s coronavirus response.)
  • The Airline Industry Crashes (APRIL 3, 2020:On today’s podcast: How airlines are responding to their biggest threat yet.)
  • Breakaway States and the Pandemic (APRIL 2, 2020:On today’s podcast: How frozen conflicts could become a global Achilles’s heel.)
  • Trauma (APRIL 1, 2020:On today’s podcast: Pandemic lessons from Chernobyl’s liquidators.)
  • Autocrats (MARCH 31, 2020:On today’s podcast: How authoritarian leaders are cracking down on the coronavirus—and civil liberties.)
  • Iceland (MARCH 30, 2020:On today’s episode: What the world can learn from Iceland’s strategy of widespread testing.)
  • Tokyo Olympics Postponed (MARCH 27, 2020: A look ahead at a year without sports)
  • The Border (MARCH 26, 2020: A migrant camp at the U.S.-Mexico border braces for the coronavirus)
  • An Unlikely Success Story (MARCH 25, 2020: How early intervention helped the country of Georgia slow the spread of the coronavirus)
  • Islands (MARCH 24, 2020: Islands have advantages during a pandemic—and some drawbacks)
  • Lockdown (MARCH 23, 2020: Why you should start preparing for a full lockdown)
  • Media Coverage of the Coronavirus (MARCH 20, 2020: We look at the challenges of reporting on a fast-moving pandemic)
  • At Risk Groups (MARCH 19, 2020:It’s more than just the elderly and people with underlying conditions who are vulnerable to the coronavirus)
  • Conspiracy Theories and Misinformation (MARCH 18, 2020: We look at how conspiracy theories have spread as quickly as the coronavirus itself)
  • Managing Mental Health Amid a Pandemic (MARCH 17, 2020: We look at some practical ways to manage the stress and anxiety brought by the coronavirus outbreak)
  • Partisanship (MARCH 16, 2020: We look at why opinion polls are showing a sharp partisan divide on the coronavirus in the United States)
  • Biosecurity and Borders (MARCH 13, 2020: We look at how countries are using borders as their first line of defense)
  • Crunching the Numbers (MARCH 12, 2020: We look at why some countries are reporting surprisingly low numbers of coronavirus cases)
  • Surviving Self-Isolation (MARCH 11, 2020: We look at how countries and individuals are turning to quarantine in a bid to slow the coronavirus)
  • Why Global Problems Require Local Solutions (MARCH 10, 2020: On our first episode, we discuss why there’s no one way to stop an international outbreak)

Corona Virus Marketing Research

COVID19 Reports from Marketing/PR/Business Management entities around the world provided by Li Ce En.

COVID19 Marketing Research Drive

Google Drive Folder - Updated in real time. ACCESS HERE.

Topic 1


Analysis and interpretation

Consequences for action